One of the most important methods in psychotherapy is behavioral therapy. Its effectiveness in treating mental disorders in adults, adolescents and children have been scientifically proven.

Behavioral therapy assumes that behaviors are learned and that unhealthy behaviors are caused by unfavorable learning processes that can be unlearned. The focus of the treatment is generally on current problems and changing them. It helps individuals identify and unlearn past behaviors that have contributed negatively to their present psychological well-being. Negative factors can be internal, such as self-doubt, or external, like home or work/school situations.

Behavioral therapy also aims to help you to help yourself. The strategies employed are systematic and practical. Your active participation in the various methods used will enable you to consolidate and internalize positive learning outcomes as you confidently face situations which had stumbled you previously.

I will collaborate with you to help you achieve your health/treatment goals. Not only will we seek to alleviate psychiatric symptoms, but we will work towards achieving lasting change.